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Learn How to Plan and Build Real Food Storage

Be Prepared the Unknown by Properly Storing Wholesome, Real Food

Supplying real food to keep your family healthy is imperative, especially when you find yourself in a crisis. You need to know what kinds of food to store and how to store it, so that you can provide maximum nutrition for yourself and your loved ones.  Beyond Off Grid webinar series host Jason Matyas welcomes guest KerryAnn Foster as she shares her wisdom and technical knowledge on food storage, from years of practicing and teaching on the subject.

KerryAnn has spent over 9 years studying traditional food storage and cooking methods, and is a former Westin A. Price chapter leader.  Since 2005, she has run Cooking Traditional Foods, the longest running Traditional Foods Mailer on the internet. KerryAnn is the author of the ebook, “Real Food Storage,” and the webinar will showcase the wisdom she has stocked up in the volume.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you need to prepare a Real Food Storage plan
  • How to identify what foods will give you the most nutrition
  • How to maximize your Food Storage Space
  • What Traditional Preservation Methods to use
  • and much more!


Join in for a webinar that will change the way you view food storage!

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